CAMALEÓN Media control interface for mobile devices

Mario Humberto Valencia García, Marlon J. Manrique, Gustavo Isaza Echeverri


CAMALEON is an application for mobile devices to send and receive messages wirelessly control devices and applications that have implemented the protocol communication OSC (Open Sound Control) or MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), this application was developed for research " NODOS media Event of collaborative creation," which proposes the study and analysis of interface design and interaction models of post-desktop type, mediated through the use of a collaborative development methodology called functional prototyping, so as NODOS searched, from the creation of collaborative projects, design and evaluate the use and creation of multimodal interfaces (design usability and interface design), it became necessary to develop a distributed application to be created that would allow collaborative this paper attempts to describe the development of CAMALEON application, defining its utility in research, the technical functionality, software development and its applicability in various prototypes made so far.


Interface design; mobile; Android; iOS; OSC; multi-touch interface; media control.


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