MIMO Systems as Alternative to Control of Multipath Effects, and Co-Channel Interference in Mobile Satellite and Terrestrial Radio Systems

Alexis Paolo García Ariza


The Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs -MIMO- Systems are advanced technique both the radio signal fading control, problem associated to multipath effects, and co-channel interference mitigation in mobile systems, using array antennas and space- time processing. This technique lets improve the wireless systems performance and increase its data transmission capacity under dynamic environments. The paper presents both the basic concepts over multipath propagation in mobile satellite and terrestrial systems, and a research proposal in MIMO techniques for DS-CDMA systems. This research is presented to European Union for RadioGIS- UIS and MCG-UPV groups, supported by the Alban Program - High Level Scholarships for Latin America-. The research will be development at Communications Department of Polytechnic University of Valencia -UPV- like author’s Doctoral work.


Antenna arrays; bandwidth; capacity; channel; coherent bandwidth; Doppler effect; DS-CDMA; fading; impulse response; MIMO channel; mobile systems; multipath; propagation; satellites; space-time processing; statistics.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18046/syt.v2i4.941


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