Mesh Wireless Networks Capacity to Transport Voice over IP and Data in Rural Environments

Diana Carolina Lozano, Julián Andrés Hurtado, Guefry Leider Agredo Méndez


This paper analyzes the effectiveness of VoIP in fixed mesh wireless networks considering the study of the standardization and performance of these types of networks and taking into account the instability of medium conditions from one node to another one which could affect the communication. The network capacity analysis is specifically focused in VoIP transport because it as an application that demands greater quality requirements than the ones required by data transmission. This is validated throughout a specific design that is implemented for one of the micronetworks of the EHAS-Silvia Project and simulated on the National Chiao Tung University Network Simulator, NCTUns 3.0 that allows to verify its correct operation and to establish the maximum network capacity considering specific factors of mesh networks as the amount of jumps, increase of traffic and fall and establishment of routes.


Wireless mesh network; VoIP; STP; G.729; NCTUns 3.0.



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